Working Your (Foot’s) Core

Good health involves every part of your body and your core is vitally important for your health…the core of your foot, that is! Yes, the foot has a core. You may know it as the “arch” of your foot. This simple-looking structure works in every part of standing, walking, and running.

As human beings began to walk and run, the arch of the foot had to develop to keep up with the added strain and pressure. The plantar fascia (the band of tissue running along the arch) is connected to a variety of muscles. The stability and movement of the arch are controlled by these intrinsic and extrinsic muscles—aka the core.

Most of these muscles are small, beginning and ending in the foot. When these muscles are weak, your foot loses stability and strength. This can leave you open to common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, flatfoot, or tendonitis.

The core of your foot is affected most by your foot mechanics and also your weight. People who overpronate or underpronate will need to address these issues to keep their foot’s core strong and healthy. Orthotics are very helpful in keeping your core healthy, and FAAWC is able to provide all orthotic types.

Easy ways to train your foot’s core include picking up a marble 30 times with each foot and pressing your toes into the ground to lift your arch while you’re standing flat (hold for 20 seconds and repeat three times on each foot). Complete these exercises twice a day for maximum results.

You can have a healthy foot core with just a little practice and regular visits to your podiatrist. Call the FAAWC today to schedule an appointment. 740.363.4373

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