Turn Back Time on Neuropathy Symptoms

“If We Could Turn Back Time…”

Cher might have expressed it best in her late eighties hit. Turning back time would be a beautiful thing, especially in the world of medicine. Unfortunately, diseases often exist and develop to the point where it’s hard to reverse the effects. 


Diabetic Neuropathy – Causes & Symptoms

Diabetic neuropathy has always been one of those issues. Once damage to the peripheral nerves has occurred, it persists. How does this damage occur? It’s twofold. First, diabetes causes narrowing of the small vessels in our legs in feet. When blood flow is limited to our nerves, damage occurs. 

Second, elevated levels of glucose in the bloodstream causes damage to these vessels as well. The higher the average glucose levels in the blood, the more damage occurs. Even levels that are slightly elevated over months to years can cause damage. 

This damage results in the classic neuropathy symptoms—numbness, burning, tingling, pain, itching, and nerve spasms. Neuropathy can also cause issues with other body systems, such as the eyes, kidneys, and digestive system. 


Reversing Diabetic Neuropathy with Neurogenx

Can we really reverse some of the effects of neuropathy? Ten years ago, I would have said “no.” Yet, bringing Neurogenx into our office has altered that belief. When patients go through our Neurogenx treatment program, the majority have improvements in feeling and balance, and they report decreased pain from neuropathy symptoms.  

Neurogenx uses a patented system of high-frequency electronic waves that send signals deep into tissues. These signals stimulate a rapid sensorimotor response—essentially clearing up the lines of communication between sensory input and motor control. Your response to Neurogenx treatments is cumulative, so improvement grows over time. 

This is an exciting time in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, and we are proud to offer innovative and effective options for a condition with previously limited treatments. If you think you are a candidate for treatment or want more information about using Neurogenx to treat diabetic neuropathy, call our office today.

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