Start Your Footcare on the Right Track

Every January 1st we celebrate the New Year as if the changing of a simple calendar date will also mean a new beginning for us. Thus enter the New Year’s resolution. Have you decided on yours yet? As many of us will admit, at the top of that list most years is “to become healthier.” Mostly this involves diet and exercise, but what about other ways to get healthy? Here are some simple things you can do to better your foot health in 2021.

Get Moving 

Keeping active on a consistent basis is important to keep our feet healthy. Start with a lap around the room, then the next week around the house, then the next week around the block. Resolve to get up and walk around while you are gabbing on the phone or put on some music and start a family dance night. There are plenty of creative ways to get moving this year.

Wash Your Feet

It’s surprising how many people skip this one. Perhaps they assume the water in the shower is rinsing them enough or maybe it’s hard to bend down to reach them. Make the effort! Scrub between your toes and the bottom of the foot. If you like to walk around barefoot, consider an option like Fitkick shoes to help keep off dirt while still giving the feeling of no shoes. Clean feet will mean a clean bill of health on your next visit to the podiatrist.

Treat Your Tootsies

Believe it or not, resolving to get more pedicures this year will actually improve your foot health. At our PediCare Salon, licensed technicians will pamper your feet while also providing necessary services such as nail cutting and shaping, callus and corn reduction, and even anti-fungal nail polish to protect you well after your appointment. After all, who said New Year’s resolutions should be all work and no play?

Buy New Shoes

Everyone has a pair of shoes that they wear all the time and I bet if you took a long hard look at them, you may find them looking a little ragged. Athletic shoes should be replaced every 300 miles or about 60 hours of wear for other sports. It’s also recommended that people own three pairs of work shoes so that they can alternate between them. Look for small holes in your shoes or worn down soles with no tread; these are important clues that tell you it’s time to get a new pair.

Don’t Ignore Pain

Too many people live with pain in their feet. This is not normal! Your feet are your foundation so it’s important you pay attention to the signs they are giving you. If something suddenly comes up and you need to have your feet cared for, don’t forget that the FAAWC offers Emergency Appointments during the week to help with those surprise issues. We also offer Walk-In hours from 12 pm to 3 pm on Fridays, when any patient can stop by with no appointment. Don’t ignore pain. If your feet are happy, you are more likely to stay active and be healthier overall.

Keeping a resolution can be hard, and many people give up after a short time. Realistic and simple resolutions work best and if they are fun (like visiting the PediCare salon) you will be more motivated to see them through. Cheers to a new year of health for our feet!

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