Planning Your Foot & Ankle Surgery

Has your doctor suggested foot or ankle surgery for your condition? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to having a procedure and surgery performed on your feet. It’s important to discuss your options with a podiatrist to determine the best course of treatment and get your important questions answered. Not sure what to ask when considering foot and ankle surgery? Try some of these questions…

Is surgery the best option?

No surgical procedure should be taken lightly. This should always be the first question when a physician mentions surgery as a potential treatment option. Non-surgical treatments and alternatives have grown in recent years due to developing therapies and technologies. Many conditions, if caught and treated early enough, can benefit from non-surgical care. There is a point in every condition, however, where surgery is the best option to get you back to optimal health.

What are the most common complications?

Ask your surgeon to walk you through any potential complications that might occur as a result of your surgery. Many conditions can be solved with various surgical techniques. At FAAWC, our providers will discuss the specific surgery they recommend and any potential complications. We also cover how often and how likely these complications are to occur.

When can I expect to get back to day-to-day activities?

We often take the simple things—showering, getting dressed, driving, or even just walking—for granted. After surgery, there will be a necessary recovery time during which some activities may be restricted. Your FAAWC surgeon will lay out a realistic timeline with estimates on when you might resume normal activities. They will also advise you on accessories and devices, such as waterproof cast covers, that may aid in recovery. This makes post-surgical planning much easier.

What is the rehab for this surgery?

Most foot and ankle procedures and surgeries follow a very strict and detailed timeline for rehabilitation. This is because these treatment plans have been studied and documented to make more positive surgical outcomes for patients. Rehabilitation and recovery from surgery will involve follow up with your surgeon, therapy with a professional physical therapist, and at-home treatment.

What help will I need at home after surgery?

Foot and ankle surgery should not be taken lightly. Many patients underestimate the amount of help they will need at home post-surgery. Many procedures require high levels of care in the first weeks, including assistance with daily activities. Your provider will give you recommendations, but it’s often better in this case to over-prepare.

What will my function be like after surgery?

Before we begin discussing your surgical options, FAAWC providers will always ask “what is your end goal?” Each patient is different. For some, they may just want to walk around the neighborhood with their dog or kids again. For others, they may want to get back to their sports or other heavy exercise activities. We always try to give realistic expectations and always consider your goals when deciding on the specifics of your surgery.

If you’re considering foot or ankle surgery in Central Ohio, call FAAWC today. Our surgeons are well-versed in answering your questions and providing answers past what you ask. We are here for you to make sure you have the most successful foot and ankle procedure possible. Call us today!

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