Neuromas: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

One of the most common foot conditions is a neuroma, which is a pinched nerve in the ball of the foot. They often start with an unusual intermittent pain in the ball of your foot that can include numbness, tingling into the toes, burning, muscle spasms, or the feeling that your “sock is bunched-up” or you are walking on a “marble.”

The exact cause if neuromas is unknown, but there are several possibilities:

  • Narrow, tight-fitting shoes
  • High arches
  • Flat feet
  • High impact activities
  • Conditions such as bunions or hammertoes

A neuroma is not a condition that can go away on its own, but usually gets worse as time goes on. Conservative treatment can consist of:

  • Wider or different style shoes
  • Custom orthotics with metatarsal pads
  • Activity modification
  • Immobilization or offloading
  • Injections of alcohol and/or cortisone

Ultimately, surgical intervention to remove this painful, damaged nerve may be the best option. Like most foot and ankle conditions, the earlier you start treatment, the better the outcome.

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