Happy Feet-mas-kwan-akkah: Holiday Gifts for Your Feet

The holidays are coming and everyone is wracking their minds figuring out what to get their family and friends. Well, think no more! Scratch out everything on your holiday shopping list and call up the FAAWC to find the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Here are a few ideas.


Getting a pair of socks as a gift can make it feel like the gifter didn’t really know what to get you and coped out. But socks can truly be a fabulous gift idea! From seniors to kids, socks are important to overall foot health. They help regulate temperature, prevent feet and toes from rubbing inside shoes, and protect feet from picking up fungal infections and viruses (warts).

Maybe you’re surprising your kids with rock climbing lessons—buy them some footie socks to wear in their rock climbing shoes. Maybe you’re taking a long car ride with a spouse to see family for the holidays—get them some compression hose to wear in the car so they’ll be ready to celebrate with no leg pain. Maybe your family and friends just like sitting around playing video games—get them some fuzzy socks to keep their feet toasty on the couch this winter. 

Whatever you might want to give someone, there’s probably a corresponding sock to go with it. If you really want to have some fun, have them open the socks first (they will probably feign happiness for a few minutes), then give them the rest of the present and watch them realize that the socks were actually the perfect gift to go with it.

Foot Pampering

People tend to neglect their feet which is sad since they tend to do all the work of carrying us around all day. Treat your feet to something special with a little foot pampering at the FAAWC. Gift certificates to our PediCare salon are readily available and can be purchased over the phone or in-person at our office. We offer professional pedicures (polish optional) for both men and women.

If your gift recipient lives out of town, send them a home care package. For those who like to keep their toes colorful, try gifting a Dr.’s Remedy anti-fungal nail polish. Not only does it come in many attractive shades, but it also protects toenails from fungal infections which can go unnoticed under regular polishes. There’s also the Baby Feet foot peel to help take care of dry, cracked heels. Foot health never felt so decadent!

Walking Accessories

You can still promote good foot health without a directly foot-related gift. Getting your family and friends out into the world to be active can be a wonderful gift that promotes overall health, but can also benefit your feet. Help someone walk their way to better health by giving them the gift of your time, during which you can get outside together or find other ways to get moving. 

Smartwatches that act as step counters are getting more and more sophisticated and fashionable, and they even come with apps that remind people to exercise.  This can help maintain a healthy body weight which in turn helps your feet.

Gifts of sporting goods and athletic wear can also encourage activity. Think hiking pants, basketballs or footballs, even a swimsuit for future summer fun. All of these things lead to a healthier and active lifestyle. (Just make sure that they also have the correct shoes for whatever activity you are leading them into, otherwise, you may have to offer a belated gift of a trip to the podiatrist.)

Get creative with your gift-giving and don’t settle for just handing out cash. We promise, with a gift from the FAAWC, you’ll never be lost thinking of what to get someone. Call today to check availability or order any of our products for easy and quick in-office pickup.

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