High Stakes for a High Ankle Sprain

You might have watched the Superbowl LVII, like nearly 30 million other viewers, and saw star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, do some limping during the game. We knew he was still healing from a high ankle sprain injury just a few weeks ago, and it looked like he re-aggravated the ankle during the game. We wanted to break down the difference between a typical ankle sprain and a high ankle sprain, as the latter is definitely the more serious injury. Playing on a high ankle sprain injury this soon is never a good idea.

An ankle sprain, in general, is a stretch or tear to the bands of tissue that hold the ankle together. The most common ankle sprain involves the low ligaments on the outside of the ankle, which can often be treated with a brace and physical therapy. A high ankle sprain in comparison affects the ligaments between the two leg bones above the ankle joint. This type of sprain occurs with twisting or rotation of the leg, as opposed to the ankle just turning in. These injuries also take at least twice as long to heal.

A high ankle sprain generally needs to be in boot or cast for several weeks, followed by a course of physical therapy. As opposed to garden variety sprains, these more commonly need surgery to heal and stabilize. If a high ankle sprain is not treated properly, it can lead to progressive and debilitating arthritis and instability of the joint.

At FAAWC, we are committed to providing the highest-level attention to sports injuries, and our providers work hard to get you back in the game as soon as medically appropriate. We are certain Patrick Mahomes was going to play in the Super Bowl no matter what his doctors told him. Whether it’s your local rec league, or you are going for the Lombardi trophy, we are here for you.

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