High Heel Hangover Remedies

Even though the majority of holiday parties have gone virtual this year, ladies still may find themselves donning high heels for a fun night of festive joy. But just as we might over-indulge on the spiked eggnog we may also end up with a hangover the next day from our high heels. The good news is, the treatments are almost the same!


After a long night of drinking, most people just want to catch a few extra zzzs. The same goes for your feet. After a long period of wearing heels, it’s a good idea to give your feet a rest. This doesn’t just mean switching to better shoes the next day. It means actually taking time off your feet to elevate and rest them.


Many people believe in better living through chemistry and might treat their hangover with an OTC pain or anti-nausea medication. That’s okay for your feet too. Pain and swelling are common products of too much high heel wearing. A mild NSAID or doctor-approved medication can help relieve painful symptoms and bring down swelling.


Dealing with sweaty, cramped feet all night can leave skin yearning for moisture the next day. Just as we need to drink lots of water after a hangover, we should take some extra time to moisturize and massage our feet. 

Cleaning Up

It’s possible we made a bit of a mess the night before our hangover so there’s probably a bit of cleaning up to do. With your feet, this could mean cleaning and bandaging any blisters, sores, or spots where your heels rubbed the skin raw.


As with an alcohol hangover, the best medicine for a high heel hangover is always avoiding it in the first place. That doesn’t mean going straight sober from heels; it just means wearing them in moderation and making sure the type of heels you’re wearing doesn’t have additional downfalls. Try wearing flats too and from the event or choosing a lower heel with a wider toe box.

If your feet are experiencing more than a little hangover, call up the FAAWC to make an appointment today. We offer urgent appointments on most weekdays and offer walk-in hours on Friday from 12 pm to 3 pm. Call us today!

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