Heel Pain & What To Do About

Do you have pain that starts in your heel with your first steps every morning? This is known as post-static dyskinesia. Let’s break it down.

  • Post–after
  • Static–resting
  • Dis–bad
  • Kinesia–movement

Essentially, post-static dyskinesia is the medical term for any pain from bad movements that occur after a period of rest. As you know, the plantar fascia is a band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch and is prone to everyday wear and tear, leading to inflammation called plantar fasciitis.

The reason your heel hurts first thing in the morning has to do with what happens to the plantar fascia as you sleep. When not in use, the plantar fascia shortens and becomes tight. When you next try to walk, it is suddenly stretched which pulls on your heel, causing sharp pain.

Heel pain might also develop because of a shortening calf muscle or Achilles tendon. This occurs gradually, as we age and the muscles naturally get tighter. Tension in the back of the leg or ankle will cause increase strain on the plantar fascia where it connects to the heel.

You can help avoid morning heel pain by maintaining a low bodyweight, living an active life, making supportive shoe choices, and completing stability exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles. For existing heel pain, be sure to wear shoes at all times—standing or walking, inside or outside. Use over the counter pain medications and ice to calm inflammation.

If you are experiencing heel pain with your first steps in the morning, call the FAAWC for an appointment. We can help diagnose the source of your heel pain and get you on track to healing. Call 740.363.4373 today.

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