Heel Pain Surgery

Heel pain can stem from many causes. Most commonly, it occurs due to plantar fasciitis, bursitis, or Achilles tendonitis. When heel pain just won’t go away and conservative treatments aren’t making a difference, it may be time to consider heel surgery.

Generally, surgery is considered when pain has not improved after 3-6 months of treatment. Conversely, if the condition heals but recurs frequently, surgery is worth considering. But not everyone will need surgery.

Achilles tendonitis requires it most often of these three conditions. Plantar fasciitis leads to a surgical solution in less than 20% of cases. The FAAWC performs various heel pain correcting procedures including releasing the plantar fascia, lengthening the calf muscle, PRP injections, and Amniotic tissue injections.

If you are suffering from heel pain that won’t go away, you need to call the FAAWC. Our podiatrists will evaluate your situation and help you determine if a surgical solution is right for you. Call the FAAWC today!

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