Do What the Internet Tells You… Or Don’t and Get Better

It’s common for people to jump on the internet, type in their symptoms, and follow whatever advice they find that looks good (or easy). But properly treating a foot or ankle injury requires a proper evaluation that only a podiatrist can give. For example, tendon issues.
Tendons can experience small tears, end-to-end tears, and split tears. Each of these leads to a gradual thickening of the tendon. However, not all of these injuries are treated the same way. Treatment depends on the severity of the individual tear.

Tendon injuries must be rested at some point. Rest allows the tendon to heal properly, giving patients a much better long-term success rate. Resting “properly” is trickier and more important than most people realize. How much rest is enough rest? Both patients and professionals often pay lip service to the importance of rest, while in practice nearly ignore it or even go against it.
Rest can sometimes be accomplished with activity modification, but more commonly, with braces, casts, or applied wraps you would get from your podiatrist. Your FAAWC podiatrist may also recommend rehabilitation. Unless there is a severe tear requiring surgery, rehab is always helpful for motivated patients.
Rehab can start after the first week. Initially, you will work on your range of motion and massage affected areas. Patients then progress to actively strengthening the muscle as well as the muscles in that group. It is always better to do rehab with a therapist, as studies show a much greater success rate. Your podiatrist can help recommend a physical therapist trained to help heal your specific injury.

Treating a tendon injury properly is critical for proper recovery. But when the internet tells you to “rest” your injury or offers exercises for rehabilitation, remember that completing these two tasks correctly takes the assistance of an FAAWC podiatrist. Your injury needs proper diagnosis and treatment to get you back to your active lifestyle. Call for an appointment today 740 363 4373

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