When Conservative Heel Pain Treatment Isn’t Working

It would be great if the simplest solutions could be applied to the most complex problems and solve them in an instant. Unfortunately, sometimes the easiest or most conservative solution to a problem is not the right answer. If your conservative treatment for heel pain isn’t working, it may be time to consider more advanced options.

Causes of Heel Pain

There are many causes of heel pain, one of the most common being plantar fasciitis. But when we look at plantar fasciitis, there are also many contributing factors and causes of that condition. Relieving heel pain is not as straightforward as one might hope when you’re dealing with so many underlying causes, all with differing recommended heel pain treatments.

Heel Pain Treatments


If you’re experiencing heel pain, your podiatrist may have recommended a conservative treatment plan to start off. Conservative treatments include RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), the wearing of a contracture brace for Achilles stretching, medical taping to support the arch and heel, and shoe and activity changes to reduce pressure and strain. Oral anti-inflammatory medications may also help relieve varying causes of heel pain.


If conservative treatments are not making your heel pain go away, then it may be time to consider the next steps. Targeted injections can help reduce inflammation and pain. Amniotic injections as well as Platelet Rich Plasma are good options for combating heel pain. Laser therapy is also a great next step. This non-invasive procedure uses light to target trouble areas and speed healing.  If simple stretching with a contracture or Equinus brace is not acheiving results, your foot doctor may also prescribe physical therapy to further stretch and strengthen your foot and ankle. 


If your heel pain is not responding to conservative or moderate heel pain treatments, it may be time to consider a surgical solution. Since heel pain has many causes, it’s impossible to list every possible procedure. But your foot and ankle surgeon will evaluate your condition, consider your history of other treatments, and design a plan with your ultimate goals in mind. Your surgical heel pain solution will result in a positive outcome that eliminates your heel pain and gets you back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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