Alternative Neuropathy Treatments

“What more can I do to treat my neuropathy? Is there anything else besides a pill?”

These are questions we as doctors get asked often from patients with neuropathy symptoms. Some patients simply want to have more information about their diagnosis and what their long term options look like. Other patients may not be interested in taking medication to help with symptoms—which is completely understandable.

When I am assessing a patient with neuropathy to determine a treatment plan, I like to focus on the things it is affecting. For example, is neuropathy causing balance issues? Is it affecting a patient’s sleep? Is it prohibiting them from doing work or participating in hobbies? For some patients, the answer to all of these is no. But for others, neuropathy causes life-altering issues. 

The good news is, there are many varied non-medicinal options to treat neuropathy. However, studies are mixed as to the outcomes of these treatments. In our experience, we have found that the same treatment may be effective for only a few people, but for those few, it is definitely worth it. The trick is finding the right treatment plan for your needs. That’s where the FAAWC comes in. Here are some great neuropathy treatment options.


Physical Therapy/Acupuncture

Studies show great improvement through acupuncture in patients with mild to moderate neuropathy. These treatments are available at the FAAWC through the new Central Ohio Physical Therapy (COPT). Our physical therapist, Dr. Kelleen Porter, is fully certified in these methods.

Warm Water Soaks

This treatment activates the large fibers of your nerves and blocks the pain signal. It also widens the blood vessels in the legs and feet, providing more blood flow to the damaged nerves.


Similar to soaking, this also stimulates large fiber nerves. The compression helps keep the pain signals from spreading past the areas where nerves are the most damaged.

Topical Medicines

These medicines, such as lidocaine cream, are effective but only for short periods. This treatment is most successful when symptoms are felt during a certain period of time, such as at night.

Oral Supplements

Supplements such as alpha-lipoic acid stimulate oxygen around the nerves. The oxygen helps eliminate free radicals, which cause damage to the lining of the nerves. At the FAAWC, we offer Nerve Reverse, a supplement that has had wonderful results.


Treating neuropathy symptoms isn’t easy, but new treatment options have been developed in recent years with great results. There’s one very important thing to remember about treating neuropathy —get treated early! The earlier you stop the nerve damage, the better your chances of a full recovery. Talk to your FAAWC podiatrist about neuropathy treatment options today!

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