10 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

Anti-inflammatory: The MLS Laser causes blood vessels to widen (vasodilation) and activates the lymphatic drainage system. These result in an anti-edema effect that drains swollen areas. Swelling, bruising, and inflammation are reduced by MLS Laser therapy.

Analgesic: The MLS Laser decreases nerve sensitivity which blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, the laser promotes the production of natural pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalin.

Accelerated Tissue Repair: The MLS Laser is designed to penetrate deep into skin to promote cell reproduction and growth. The energy from the laser light is transmitted into cells, allowing them to absorb nutrients better and eliminate waste products from building up. Damaged cells repair themselves faster.

Improved Vascular Activity: The MLS Laser promotes the formation of new capillaries (angiogenesis) within damaged tissue. This allows more blood to reach injured areas, resulting in faster wound healing and reduced scar tissue.

Increased Metabolic Activity: The MLS Laser feeds your body, specifically your cells, by creating higher outputs of enzymes, oxygen, and fuel for the body.

Trigger Points: The MLS Laser functions as a stimulus for muscle trigger points. Specific usage can reproduce the effects of acupuncture, without the invasiveness, to provide musculoskeletal relief.

Reduced Tissue Formation: The MLS Laser not only helps to speed healing, but also provides lasting benefits by reducing the amount of scar tissue resulting from cuts, scratches, burns, or surgical incisions.

Improved Nerve Function: The MLS Laser accelerates the process of reconnecting damaged nerves to the body to optimize healing. Slow healing nerves may result in permanent numbness and impaired function.

Immunoregulation: The MLS Laser has a direct effect on your immune system by promoting the production of immunoglobulins, lymphocytes, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). These carry energy to the cells to help them remain strong and healthy.

Faster Wound Healing: The MLS Laser promotes the building of collagen, a natural protein used to construct new tissue and repair injuries. Whether it’s a minor cut or a major surgery, laser therapy can heal your wounds faster.

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