Cold Feet Don’t Just Happen At Weddings

The seasons are changing, and summer is turning into fall. With these changes comes cooler temperatures, and we are all going to feel a little colder. Our extremities (hands, feet, and ears) are exposed to these temperature changes. At the same time, your body stops pumping blood to these areas in an attempt to keep your core warmer. Therefore, it would stand to reason that our feet (being furthest from the heart) are the most susceptible to getting cold. 

Sometimes, your feet may feel cold but are not actually cool when you touch them. This can be a sign of nerve damage, leading to a condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy is the general term to describe nerve damage, and there are a lot of causes. These include diabetes, vitamin deficiency, liver or kidney disease, exposure to toxins, chemotherapy, and shingles.

Neuropathy symptoms include tingling, pain, and a loss of feeling in the toes and feet. These symptoms can create balance challenges and make it less likely you’ll notice an issue, such as a cut, in the non-sensitive area of your foot. Neuropathy in the legs and feet often appears in the toes and goes higher up the leg over time.

Treatment for neuropathy can be a challenge. Once damaged, some nerves can never recover. However, there have been many strides in treatments in recent years. Most treatments focus on either controlling the cause of the neuropathy or controlling the symptoms. Eliminating causal factors may require ceasing smoking, changing diet or exercise habits, and better glucose monitoring for diabetics. Controlling symptoms is mostly about managing pain with OTC pain relievers.

At FAAWC, we believe in more than just controlling symptoms, we believe in eliminating them. This is why we are proud to offer Neurogenx. These treatments are FDA-cleared and have produced real results in restoring nerve health to the legs and feet. High-frequency electronic waves penetrate deep through muscle and tissue to reduce pain and restore nerve health. 

The earlier treatment is started, the more results you will see. Don’t continue living with the pain of neuropathy. Call today to talk to an FAAWC podiatrist about the Neurogenx treatment! 740.363.4373


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