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The Foot & Ankle Wellness Center offers specialized treatment for peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain of the feet, ankles, and legs right inside the office. Neuropathy is a serious condition that can impair your quality of life. Neuropathy leads to numbness, reduced sensitivity to temperature, balance and gait problems, and may cause other foot and ankle injuries to go unnoticed. We are proud to offer the latest advances in neuropathy treatments to reduce your symptoms and reverse your nerve damage.

What is Neurogenx?

Neurogenx is an innovative treatment option for nerve pain, numbness, and peripheral neuropathy in the feet. Using high-frequency electronic waves which reach deep into tissues, this treatment is designed to relieve neuropathy symptoms and reverse painful symptoms to restore normal nerve function. Neurogenx treatments are safe and effective, with most patients reporting 80-85% improvement in their symptoms within several weeks of treatment.

What Does Neurogenx Treatment Feel Like?

Neurogenx treatments consist of electrical stimulation to both lower legs and feet. Depending on your particular condition, the treatment might also include injections of small amounts of pain-reducing local anesthetic medication into 2-4 areas of each foot, followed by a soothing “electronic massage” of the feet and lower legs for pain reduction and healing.

The Neurogenx treatment might give a slightly uncomfortable pins-and-needles sensation, but this is a sign that it is activating and beginning to repair your damaged nerves. There should be minimal (if any) pain and a member of our medical team will be with you the entire time to adjust the electrical stimulation level at any time during the treatment.

How Many Neurogenx Treatments Will I Need?

The initial program consists of eight total treatment visits. For optimal results, you will need to come in for two separate 1-hour appointments each week for four weeks minimum. After those four weeks, your doctor will evaluate how you are responding to the treatment and discuss with you the potential for more treatments.

What is the Price of Neurogenx Treatment?

Your initial evaluation and consultation for Neurogenx treatment will be billed to your health insurance company as a regular office visit. If a nerve biopsy (which provides an actual quantity of small fiber nerves present in each ankle) is recommended prior to beginning treatment, this procedure is also a covered benefit under most insurance plans. Many private insurance companies will cover the actual Neurogenx treatments and injections, depending on your individual policy. We are glad to perform an insurance benefits check prior to scheduling your treatment.

As with any medical treatment, your exact out-of-pocket costs will be determined by your insurance coverage. Medicare, Advantage Plans, Medicaid, Caresource, and other government-run insurance plans DO NOT cover Neurogenx treatments. For anyone whose insurance does not cover Neurogenx treatment, we offer cash payment options, including Care Credit. FAAWC offers a sliding scale for our cash services based on annual income and number of family members. More information is available when you call our office at 740.363.4373.